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Adam Milner

Adam Milner is an artist living in Denver, Colorado. He falls in love with people he barely knows almost weekly.

His work consists of a personal exploration of relationships and intimacy, and the barriers and mediators that facilitate these relationships, including communication, technology, and personal spaces. His work often incorporates painting, video, photography, performance, and experimental drawing techniques, but is rooted in an ephemeral moment of interaction or documentation. One of his current bodies of work includes an ongoing series of obsessive documents, including photos of his slept-in bed every morning, as well as every bathroom he uses. Bed Drawings, an ongoing series of drawings, is another document of a personal space and moment, where pen and paper are used to document the movement of the artists body as he falls asleep.

He recently graduated summa cum laude with a BFA in Drawing and Painting, a BS in Journalism, and a minor in Technology, Arts and Media from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

photo by, Rob Denton

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