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Andryn Arithson

Andryn is a puppetry artist and co-founder of Splintered Light Theatre. For the past few years, she has been developing shadow puppetry to enhance live storytelling by musicians and authors. Most recently, Splintered Light Theatre presented a shadow play to accompany readings from Sarah Elizabeth Schantz’s debut novel, Fig (Simon and Schuster, 2015). She is interested in exploring the ways that shadow can portray memory, with all of its trauma and celebration, as well as fantasy. Using common objects such as glassware, feathers, fabric and household items, and a very bright light named Lucy, the beautiful and haunting shadows are projected on walls or fabric screens.

Andryn has been designing and building puppets for over 10 years. Her puppets have been featured in productions by square product theatre, the Colorado Shakespeare Festival's Educational Outreach Tour, and Obscene/Courageous Theatre. Splintered Light Theatre was co-founded with artists Emily Saavedra and Sarah Elizabeth Schantz. She holds an MA in Theatre and an MBA from the University of Colorado Boulder.

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