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Anir Leben

there's a gap in my cv

let's fill it with heart

there's no space in my cv

let's empty it with soul

there's too much of change

and too little of sense

give me a kiss

or else i'll miss

the train to my life

and the ability to thrive

towards my community that's found in our humanity

to wrap off all society and nakedly grow the ability

to. love.

and. to. live.

what. is.


grateful to be calling myself a human being at all times

and calling myself a dancer at some times. a singer. a songwriter. a poet.

a performer. an improviser for performance. but mostly for life. 33 almost.

female. last stop of school education/study: "tip" school for performance,

improvisation and dance in freiburg, germany. there have been many

well-known and many totally unknown teachers and there will be many

more. some projects in dance, some in music. i call myself happy for

more to come. loving music, loving contact improvisation, communication

from the heart, and connecting with people (including myself) who dare

to be themselves. love to inpire for that. love community. love to teach

and to be taught. love to do daring and crazy things. just married myself.

hurray i started bringing a few of my inner people together! love to do

that outside of self, too!

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