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Artist Statement

I am an interdisciplinary video and dance artist who layers performance with visual art, remixed sound scores, spoken text, video, props, projection, site- specific performance and film. I enjoy cross- collaborating with various artists and disciplines for it is through these collaborations I discover new worlds of movement and art that cannot exist alone. Through multiple mediums I explore narrative that allows the viewers to see themselves in, participate with, and connect to. I use technology, video, and movement repetition to highlight moments found tangled in intimate interactions of relationships, family, and love. By crafting a connection with the viewer I create a conversation that draws self- reflection and exploration of the world through a unique lens. This connection is created by breaking down the fourth wall in performance and creating opportunities for the viewer to take part of the performance, allowing them to experience art from the inside in a very personal, individualized way. As Artistic Director of You & Me I create environments or happenings that allow the viewer to take an active role. This environment creates relationships with the guests and de-centralizes myself as the performer, offering a deeper more connected experience that allows the viewer to take ownership in. I am interested in creating environments for “one on one” performances that involve one performer and one viewer at a time. This allows both the performer and the viewer to experience the performance symbiotically, partaking and creating together in the moment. You & Me is a curated 3- hour evening experience that brings guests through a transformation as individuals and as a community. Through dance performances, “one on one” interactive installations, and a sit down family style dinner You & Me has traveled to cities world –wide sharing and creating art over a one –two week period. You & Me travels as a small company and in each city works alongside local artists to create in site –specific locations such as homes, farms, schools, castles, and neighborhoods. I create valuing the process of the creation and the relationships explored through out the process. My live performance work focuses on bringing the behind the scenes to the actual moment of performance through the use of improvisation and strong movement/performance structures that allow for in the moment freedom and exploration by both the performer and the viewer. Myself as an artist is intricately intertwined with my identity as a woman, wife, sister, daughter, nurse, teacher, and student. I find it is impossible to create with out combining these worlds together. My art is a reflection or sharing of myself in an intimate expression through movement, visual art and everyday activities. Ultimately it is the simple everyday moments of life that I find richness and truth, inspiring me to share, create and imagine in hopes to hear a bit more of you.

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