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Asimina Chremos (born 1966) is a dance improvisor and crochet artist whose work is characterized by interplay between flow and form. She began her professional dance career with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater while a teenager and after three years, shifted to Temple University, graduating with a BFA in 1991. Living in Chicago during the 2000s, Chremos engaged with the rich improvised music scene there and formed significant creative relationships with vocalist Carol Genetti and cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm, among others. She continues to develop her flowing and intricate style of solo dance, primarily as an improvisational medium in the company of musicians. She has practiced crochet since childhood has developed her own psychedelic freeform approach to the traditional doily. Her colorful pieces have been featured on many crafting and arts blogs and are currently available at boutiques in Philadelphia. Chremos currently lives in Philadelphia.

Asimina Chremos

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