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Cortney Mcguire

Cortney McGuire, a playful soul at heart, lives in Boulder, CO with her husband and 2 children.  She is a big fan of delving into the depths of wonder and not knowing on a daily basis, hence her addiction to the world of live improvisation and the mystery of the here and now and how it all comes together.  She has taught local contact improv workshops as well as performance improvisation techniques at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where she received both her BFA and MFA in dance. Cortney is the co-artistic director of fivefour, a duet dance company founded in nyc in 2004, with her partner Leah Nelson, collaborated with Tara Rynders and film artist, Drummond West, recently created a dance for camera, snowwhites, with film artist John Regalado, and has also danced with Gabriel Masson.  Cortney is also a founding member of the SPILL project (, a platform for the work of local dance artists McGuire, Chrissy Nelson, Joanna Rotkin & Laura Ann Samuelson where they teach, perform &, you guessed it, improvise. Constantly tackling the challenges of motherhood on a daily and even hourly basis, Cortney continues to push herself in new and unknown directions at every chance she gets.

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