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cristina crippa

I'm graduated in painting from Brera Arts Academy of Milan. While at the Academy, i studied different kinds of dance until falling in love with contact improvisation and improvisation.

My curiosity and passion for dance and movement shifted my attention from the canvas to the body and its relation with the environment and people.The engine triggering the artistic action stays in the observation.

Imagination, causality, play and improvisation are the canals through which it expresses itself. My works tell about the desire to find our own physical space and our own interior time.

Trying many and different activities, the body claims its need to explore itself in order to explore, to have experience of itself in order to experience. The body claims its freedom to be an active subject, not a subjected object.

I experimented several ways of expression and at the moment photography, automatic release, performance, videos and installations are my privileged means.

My research feeds on and originates from my everyday life: my jobs, my itineraries, meeting places, objects, persons. Potentially the creative engine can be in anything.

I am not interested in art as a self-referential circuit. I am interested in life and what I look for through my research is a quality of presence that allows me to fully live the present moment.

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