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help bring You & Me to Europe

You & Me Europe

You & Me Europe is comprised of a group of national and international artists:

-Tara Rynders, Denver, CO

-Tim Rynders, Denver, CO

-Mollie Wolf, Denver, CO

-Mariel Berger, New York City, NY

-Jadd Tank, Beirut, Lebanon

-Cristina Crippa, Milan, Italy

-Alyssa Lynes, Freiburg, Germany

-Mirva Makinen, Helsinki, Finland

-Kaissa Kuokka, Helsinki, Finland

-Gregger Kay, Semriach, Austria


We are coming together in hopes to cross borders and cultural differences utilizing art, music, and dance. To do this we will collaborate with local artists in each country and together create You & Me in the following locations:

*Iceland 10/6- 10/20 we will begin our journey in Iceland performing in two locations, in a barn in the countryside and in a home in the heart of Reykjavik. *Finland 10/20-10/27 we will perform in the Arabia factory in the heart of downtown Helsinki and a villa in the countryside. *Germany 10/27 - 11/3 we will be creating an out-of-the-theatre and into-the-streets performance in Freiburg, Germany, ending at a local restaurant for our family style dinner. *Ireland 11/3-11/10 we have been invited to take part of the If Only Festival in Birr, Ireland creating You & Me with local artists, dancers, and musicians. *Austria 11/10-11/17 we have been invited to participate in Semriach's Fall Culture Days representing different countries through performance and art as You & Me Austria

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