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You & Me Finland

17.10.2013 at 1900 Pengerkatu 5, Helsinki

Tickets 15 Euros and includes dinner

You & Me Finland {visual art/performance/dinner/video/dance/live music} explores intimacy as it unfolds through performance in a site-specific, non -traditional setting in Helsinki, Finland. A limited number of spots are available. Rynders and her collective premiered You & Me Denver in April 2011 in her home in Denver, CO and is currently touring with her company to Reykjavik, Iceland, Helsinki, Finland, Freiburg, Germany, Birr, Ireland, and Graz, Austria. Come and experience You & Me Finland as local Finnish artists and artists from Italy, Peru, Spain, and Argentina have joined Rynders and her company to create an intimate evening to share with you. You & Me Finland allows each guest the chance to create their own performance as they explore spatial and emotional intimacy through technology, video, music, and dance. You & Me Finland questions all aspects of performance including where a performance can take place, who are the real performers, how does performance change when it is being witnessed, and is a performance really a performance if it is only happening for one person? Some highlights of You & Me Finland are the shared family style dinner and the “one on one” performances, a performance created by one performer for only one guest at a time. The “one on one” performances invite the viewer to take an active role in the performance and offer each guest a unique and personalized experience.

Space is very limited

Tickets must be reserved

no tickets will be sold at the door.

Please email

to reserve your space. Thank you!

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