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GABRIEL TODD is a dance- and music-based performing artist, choreographer and sound designer living in the Bay Area. He received a BFA in Performance from Naropa University, and an MFA in Dance from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He has performed in the US and abroad with Keith Hennessy (Circo Zero, Turbulence), Sara Shelton Mann, La Alternativa, Onye Ozuzu, among others, and has collaborated musically with the New Denver Orchestra, Albert Mathias, Neal Stewart, Nathan Wheeler, DJ Drunken Monkey, and Loren Olds. His original music and sound design incorporate elements of experimental electronic music, found sound, polyphonic group singing, acoustic folk, and live and processed vocals. As a choreographer/director he creates solo and ensemble work bringing together elements of voice, original music, contemporary dance, physical theater, ritual, and video.

Gabriel Todd

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