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Gabriela Pereira

Gabriela Pereira de Fellner Bio

I was born in Rosario, Argentine. Since 1997, I developed myself as a Argentine Tango teacher and dancer. At the age 15 I started. I have been producing performances in theaters and tango evenings. After high school I made the 4 years career of "Dance Teacher Program" in the school “Isabel Taboga” in Rosario, Argentine. Since February 2002 I live in Europe. I studied in: “Centre de Développement Chorégraphique” Toulouse, France, contemporary dance, and “Hoger Instituut voor Dans” Lier, Belgium classical and contemporary dance training. The classes every day in studios like “La Raffinerie” Brussels for more than two years, and many workshops like “L’Univers de Pina Bausch” enhance my experience as an interpreter.

I have worked for several Belgium companies, with Gilles Monnart, Franco Dragone, Theater Tol, 4Hoog. Developed my own work, and also as assistant of choreography in various proyects in performing arts, circus, aerial dance, physical and children dance theater, in South America, Central and Eastern Europe, India and Israel. Since 2010 I have residence with my Family in Freiburg, Germany.

Recently I work for the Stadttheater Freiburg in a project of tango and performance. I'm a mother of two kids.

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