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Irina Sbaglia

Coming from the production of audiovisual and after several years devoted to navigate the world of mainstream television, Irina finds other ways and a radical change of direction in exploring the places of their own artistic expression. From here relates back to the body, in a personal investigation of an own method of body treatments and therapies. Dance, arrives to her life through Contact Improvisation, about 7 years ago, and from that moment becomes the central focus of their actions. Whether through learning, outreach, organizing events, festivals and even through teaching. Traveling and studying with different teachers of international recognition, like, Shahar Dor, Mirva Makinen, Ray Chan, Daniel Lepkoff, driven by the urge to share their dance, she danced in Germany, France, Finland, Israel, Spain, Argentina, among others places. In Ibiza, opens the world of acting and improvisation being part of the staff, and the organization of Open Stage of Inspiral (3 consecutive years), creating different characters and performances. She has also created several different shows for private events since 2008 to the present, creating, dancing and /or modeling. She has been the host of different events, from local and international, Alegría (2010 show horses), Open Night Contact Improvisation Festival (from 2008-2011), Happenings (500 people)In 2012, she performs "waiking up", being a member of this dance piece directed by Monika Gallardo. In 2013, she creates and produces “COOLTURA” performance directed by Sharar Dor (Israel) with 15 dancers and performers from all over the world. Her art combines theater and dance stage, character creation and movement, contributing with her particular color to the creations.

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