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Jadd Tank

a dancer

a politician

a flower shop owner

an actor

an Interior Designer

5' 8'' or 5' 9''

a lover of birds


Drawing interest from many houses of art, Jadd Tank takes many applications of creativity and imagination into consideration when creating his work.Jadd Tank is Fascinated with the conversation that results from placing dance, visual art, film and writing in a shared space,and creates a world meant to exist on it's own to draw the spectator in as an anthropologist of it's culture. With a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Choreography from the University of Colorado, Jadd hopes to make work that expresses the humanity behind politics. Jadd Studied under an array of artists such as Gabriel Masson, Michelle Ellsworth, Erika Randall, Darrell Jones, Uri Shafir and Kathleen Hermesdorf,whom he credits as the best combination of mentors and professors. His life-long plan is to incorporate more dance and visual art in the mainstream Film, and to create a permanent home for the arts as commodities within the consumer market.

Jadd Tank

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