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Kestrel Burley

jud is furious at billy, and takes revenge by killing his kestrel because he could not find billy. jud confronts his mother and billy finds his kestrel, who is now dead. billy buries his kestrel in the same garden he found the bird. the scene later fades to black.

from a distance, they do look equally dull and cheap, cheap, cheap.

nothing is out of the ordinary.

this one was canned in the glamorous location of saint helens, england.

looks and behaves in the right way. it has a head. but is it any good?

you know something else, i lost my virgin over it.

i loved its heady character and its seemingly sweetish

tramp juice.

both rode their

anatomy of a

kicking kuh. eh. suh. tuh. rruh. ehhhhhhh.

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