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Follow The Flow. . .



You & Me inSITE

Follow the flow

a fake-real workshop with

Krista DeNio & Tara Rynders

Follow Krista and Tara as we create the river, buy a canoe, paint our bodies the color of our aura’s, and jump in. A deep exploration in deep exploration, we will plumb the depths of the new age paradigm. First we will set ourselves free to hunt down our inner tiger/cougar/panther/lion(_____ -insert your own inner cat type here). Then, from this empowered space, we will birth and begin to care take our own inner children. Through the use of collaborative group process(es), movement and image-based exercises, we will find the flutter flutter of our true animal hearts while watching through our 3rd eye chambers. Bring a notebook, loose, comfortable, non-see-through clothing, a good attitude, a strong heart, a pen, a water bottle or some other non-leaking container, and any snacks, stuffed animals or comfort items you may need. Come prepared to laugh, cry or ... we don't know what might happen...following the flow…

NOTE: This workshop will be filmed as part of our research for a larger film/ web performance project. You may opt for your image not to be re-produced.


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You & Me in SITE

an evening length performance of music, dance, art and dinner.

You & Me has been invited to partake in a residency at RedLine art gallery called inSITE, creating a You & Me for the homeless population that is part of the RedLine community. You & Me inSITE is a week long residency that will involve over 10 local artists, dancers, musicians, and chefs. We will spend the week getting to know the community and creating installations specific for them and honoring them during this evening performance and dinner. This project will benefit not only the homeless community offering them time and space to be seen, celebrated, and cared for through art, music, and dance but also offer the local artists involved the gift of creating and working with the homeless.

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