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Laurel Koop

Laurel Koop is a dancer, living in Montreal. She has a love of various challenging pursuits along side performance in dance including community organizing, cross country skiing, as well as exploring remote landscapes. She finished her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University with a double major in Dance and Film Studies. In her creative work, she is interested in communal consciousness/collective definition-making and explores patterns of regret, togetherness and sustainablility. Most recently her work has been performed at the Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival and at Short and Sweet in Montreal. Laurel is currently very happy to be committed, as a candidate in the the Axis Syllabus teacher’s training process— a community active in research and in compiling up-to-date information on anatomy and bio-mechanics of movement—

a process which has broad implications for embodiment in training, creating and living.

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