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Lena Schillebeeckx

I like thoughts in between sleep and being awake. I like these moments when the shades get longer. I like lines in the body. Not only in its shape, but also the lines in the hands, the face, the folding of the body. I like to make an art of the morning. Or whatever moment, when you open your eyes, your mind. I like to share our different kinds of art with each other.

Lena Schillebeeckx growed up in a musical surroundings and studied visual arts, disability studies, dance improvisation and performance. She engaged in inclusive dance performances, interdisciplinary and feminist performances in Belgium, Scotland and Germany. She’s mainly interested in spaces in between; between people, between disciplines, between ideologies, between matter, between moments.

In growing further, her interest develops towards work outside of the studio. To bring art to people, instead of people to art, but also to start the work in the urban and rural landscapes itself. In how a different place can already change your perspective.

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