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Lisa Lapoint Roese

Artist’s Statement

Creating art is a natural response to my active participation in the world. Nature’s

atmosphere vibrates with the power and beauty of the creative force which runs through

each plant and creature. I feel most inspired and connected to all things when immersed in

the natural world. While observing a river birch tree for example I sense the innate strength,

energy and beauty of the sprawling branches, shimmering leaves and delicate unraveling

of the paper bark. My response to this beauty is the desire to understand and discover the

visual language of the tree by sketching or painting what I see and feel. It is this process

of creating which opens the door for awareness of the present moment where I am free to

be an artist –merging into my world as it is right before me. I love the journey of trying to

tell the truth of this energy which may be beautiful, mysterious, or whimsical. Stories are

all around us just waiting to be intimately explored. While drawing a blade of grass, or the

aging skin of a lovely friend, a connection is wrought between us which politely entwines

our once separateness into the fabric of belonging.


Lisa Lapoint Roese is a versatile professional artist and teacher with 20 years of experience

creating, selling, and exhibiting oil paintings, pastel and watercolor. Her paintings are

displayed in public and private venues and she exhibits locally. Commercially Lisa has

worked in publication design, logo development, marketing and illustration.

Ms. Roese enjoys teaching art to all ages in the public schools, the Conshohocken Art

League and in her private studio. She welcomes anyone interested in learning how to

see more fully the world we live in, by offering art instruction and various workshops in

watercolor, observational drawing, and oil painting. She lives in Audubon, PA with her

husband and three sons, dog Sage and two parakeets.

She holds a BFA, Tyler School of Art and M. Ed, Arcadia University.

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