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Max Bernstein was born in Buffalo, NY where he received his BA in Media Study with a production concentration, from the University at Buffalo. Bernstein also received an MFA in film and studio art from

the University of Colorado at Boulder. Bernsteins work meanders through the liminal spaces of cinema, theater, sculpture, performance, and media, arriving at diverse interdisciplinary experiences. Through his explorations, Bernstein attempts to make transparent the importance of the dynamic and the relationship between subject and spectator, illustrated by philosophies of subjective idealism, existential ontology, and absurdist theater. Bernstein is also interested in contending with the limitations and problems of presentation and representation, which are inherent to moving image and other forms of projected work. Bernstein has taught film history and production at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and video art at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. He is currently working in both Buffalo and New York City, where he is a Technical Intern with the Wooster Group.

Max Bernstein

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