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Sabin Aell is an artist and designer born and raised in Austria. Her work has been shown in Berlin, London, Seoul, Adelaide, Stockholm, Vienna and the US. Her use of media has no limits, and ranges from photography to mixed media to film.

After living in Vienna and Frankfurt, Sabin moved to Denver in 2006. In 2008, she opened HINTERLAND, an alternative art space, which has become a significant hub for local and national emerging artists. Sabin Aell’s career includes several years as a multimedia designer. During the last 10 years she has grown her experience into product, jewelry and interior design. In 2009 she founded her design company Subsequently Now Productions. A recent collaborative project with her husband, Randy Rushton included the design and build of the expansion of City O’ City, a vegan restaurant in Denver. The design included extensive murals and a line of custom made fiberoptic light sculptures. One of the fixtures was a 10.5 foot long chandelier, a spectacular highlight, and has been featured in various magazines.

In 2013 Aell launched “UBUNTU . unspoken trust”, a collaborative art-dance performance intersecting the work of three multi-disciplinary artists.

Sabin Aell’s work mirrors our desire to get closer to the edges, and explore uncertainties. She finds herself in Friedrich Nietzsche’s quote: “One must have a chaos inside oneself to give birth to a dancing star.” Sabin is known for her unconventional use and combination of non traditional materials. Her adept handling of textures, forms and other components opens her to an interesting and irresistible new world. Sabine will be collaborating with sound artist Norman Broomhall for her one on one performance installation.

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