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I Am amazing, I Am free, I Am strong, I Am honest, I Am beautiful, I Am me.

What are you?

Hallie Bauernschmidt is a freelance movement artist. She is currently a member of the Denver based performance company Control Group Productions. Hallie is honored to take part of You&Me.

Heather Cherry

As a child I was enthralled by mud and things that flew. I remember standing barefoot in wet earth up to my knees, waiting for rain. I can recall creating huge nests, shelters of fallen branches and moss-covered stones, and the joy of walking through furrowed fields in autumn to find milkweed pods, so I could crack them open and watch the feathered seeds soar. This is where my passion to create began…

Tattered paper, weathered stone, contrasts and subtleties, spaces between, beeswax and salt, wood smoke and fireflies… All of these have been gathered and woven into a life of making something you could wrap yourself in, climb into, or simply hold in the palm of your hand. My hope is to inspire, through assembled bits of things collected, a simple moment that makes you pause and consider fragile discoveries, and that which you know. And perhaps, one day, run unabashedly after all that you love…

Hallie Bauernschmidt

Patrycja Humienik

Through interdisciplinary performance collaboration, research and writing, work with the BolderLife Festival, curriculum development and teaching youth, Patrycja explores honesty in motion & art as a form of building community.

A young man who

has discovered his

purpose by climbing trees,

watching clouds and

jumping in puddles.

While working towards his BFA in dance at the University of Colorado Boulder he has had the honor of working with artists such as Onye Ozuzu, Frequent Flyers, Gabe Masson and Katie Wells. He recently performed at the Strings Music Festival, Boulder Jazz Festival and Atlas Black Box Theatre. As he completes his last year at CU he is excited to discover more about himself and the world around him through movement and people.

Nathan Blackwell

charlie comes from the street dance world. he is not here to play games, he is a serious dude. who doesn't use words like "dude"

he likes being upside down and playing cards with the elderly because it is adorable when they cheat and and he likes the feeling of blood rushing to his head. that happens when he is upside down, not when playing cards with old people. charlie is a philanthropist, optimist,existentialist, who's not lactose in tolerant. he's actually a pretty accepting guy. unless you a rat for the feds. then you are gonna be sleeping with the fishes. come dance with me.

Charlie Dando

Ms. Dunkhase holds a Master of Music in cello performance from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she studied with Judith Glyde, and a Bachelor of Arts in music from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, where she studied with Dr. Jason Duckles. She teaches cello lessons and group classes as a faculty member of Shepherd Valley Waldorf School and Boulder Suzuki Strings, as well as through her private studio. She performs regularly with ensembles including the Orelia String Quartet and Denver-based band Princess Music. Additionally, Ms. Dunkhase has performed with the Fort Collins Symphony and the Fort Collins Opera. As a cellist and teacher, Ms. Dunkhase is committed to providing unique musical experiences that inspire creativity, nurture self-expression and spark imagination.

Psyche Dunkhase

Mary Lynn Lewark

artist, dancer, choreographer, storyteller, mother

& seeker

of movement collaborations

that speak

to the human life experience

mary lynn finds inspiration and connectivity

in the boisterous music of her dear family of five

and the daily bustle & search for meaning in regular life

she has been privileged to dance for fresh blood collective, maedee dupres, katie elliot, kc chun manning and kim olson this past year

she is owner/artistic director for between the bones studio collective

she is solely honored to be dancing with

Tara Rynders and the artists of you&me denver

Tara Rynders

Tara Rynders believes you are a dancer. She creates in order to create with you. Join her and together you will create something greather than you ever imagined.

Bolderlife Festival

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