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Stephanie Lavon Trotter

Stephanie Lavon Trotter works with sound and movement, silence and stillness. She is a vocalist, improvisor, composer, and bodyworker.

She earned her B.Mus. in operatic performance from Cornish College of the Arts in 2008 and is currently pursuing her MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts with Goddard College.

Passionate about the creation of new music, and inventive experiences, she is never content to parrot old roles, or to entrench dead styles. Ms. Trotter has extended her classical operatic training with a fresh palette of sounds, through improvisation and open scores, performing in alternative venues, and with ensembles built around un-trained performers. Stephanie is interested in the ways we sound, and how our soundings represent us, also with the connection and exchange that can happen on a stage or on the street. She has been fortunate enough to explore these ideas in a number of workshops and residencies, with Andrea Parkins, Marina Abramović, Gino Robair, and Anthony Braxton.

She is currently on an East Coast adventure. Her heart resides in the Pacific Northwest.

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