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Verena Hehl

I´m a freelance - dancer and choreographer, based in Freiburg, Germany. As long as I can think I wanted to become a dancer. (Or a piano player.) I think my first and direct entrance to get in touch with the world was through music. And through being inspired to dance while hearing music.This combination for me was also like a key to understand the main principles of life, what it was really about.Later I tried to find out about the principles of life also by studying biology and

made a degree in that. But I finally came back to - and actually never went away from - dance. I made a professional dance formation at TIP Freiburg, school for dance, improvisation and performance, and graduated 2007. Since then I`ve worked with different choreographers - company Blu, company urbanReflects, Compagnie Aquanaut - was part of other dance and performance constellations and founded an own artistic ensemble, ECHTZEIT, in 2010. In my pieces I like to combine different genres, I often work in site-specific settings and I enjoy to work with professionals and non-professionals. Improvisation takes an important place in my dance, not only as an instrument to create choreographies but also as an own art form. What I´m interested in are moments where known borders disappear and unknown things arise, where exchange is happening and changing of the viewer and the performer is allowed. I love to get in real-time contact with the audience and to be true about the fact that the audience is always part of the performance. At the moment I´m working on a solo asking for the possibilities of sharing perceptions.

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