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you & me


you & me denver was created as my final project for my MFA performance at CU Boulder, CO. Wanting to find a new and more intimate way of performing you & me was born in our home on Wolff St Denver, CO. April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd our home was inhabited and transformed by 15 brilliant artists creating performances in all our rooms, the jacuzzi, the canoe in the lake down the street, the basement, the roof, the firepit, the alleyway, and on a tandem bicycle. Together performances were created while live music played and dinner was being prepared by all the guests and performers. you & me is unlike any performance I have ever experienced and the beauty I find in you & me is the you that spontaneously adds to the performace something only you can bring. Currently we are creating a documentary of the performance that recently received funding from Kickstarter. Keep an eye out the film should be coming out late 2012. Please watch the trailer on this page, created by Drummond West.

by, tara rynders

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